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Keywords: open contest based on merit, tournament-like structure of tracking, diverse local school systems, higher order skills, viability in strategies, education in mathematics, meaning in society, practice in society, society practices, societal goals, individual differences, interests screening, interest assessment, market screening, research viability, labor market, placement performance, abstract meaning, evolving theory, meaning change, social order, objective assessments, cohesive governance, crony capitalism, objective function, human behavior, speech patterns, abilities, effort, interest, conventions, dress, behavior, Salman Khan

Brazil: placement performance in Brazil, Brazil in economics

Oakes, Jeannie, and Gretchen Guiton. "Matchmaking: The dynamics of high school tracking decisions." American Educational Research Journal 32.1 (1995): 3-33.

United Nations Population Fund. Ending Harmful Practices through Community-led Social Change in Senegal 20 April 2010. Available from < >. access on 27 January 2016.

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