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Agora.BusinessModelr1.4 - 12 Sep 2016 - 23:53 - GregorioIvanoff

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Nature debate livre acesso à literatura científica

"The Internet is profoundly changing how scientists work and publish. New business models are being tested by publishers, including open access, in which the author pays and content is free to the user. This ongoing web focus will explore current trends and future possibilities. Each week, the website will publish specially commissioned insights and analysis from leading scientists, librarians, publishers and other stakeholders, as well as key links, and articles from our archive. All content is available free."

Algumas implicações da comoditização do software

STUTZ, David. Disponível em < >.

"Software producers who maximize their product's potential for useful combination with other software, while at the same time minimizing any restrictions upon its further re-combination, will be the survivors within a software industry that is in the process of reorganizing itself around the network exchange of commodity data. Open source was an early leader in the use of this approach, but other powerful entities are now adopting it. Corporate giants such as Microsoft who vigorously defend their proprietary turf without adapting their business models to exploit commodification will lose influence, while other more adaptable corporate giants such as IBM are likely to gain considerable power by controlling the forms that commoditized software will take. Large governments such as the European Union, China, or even Brazil, also stand to gain power, since they possess huge built-in markets and seek to bootstrap native software industries; by participating in the definition of commodity software and its protocols, they will help to bound and define the market discussion between consumer and producer."

Keywords: networked information economy, free market

Palavras-chave: eficiência operacional, mercados em conhecimento, acesso à informação, escolas de negócios em tecnologia, empreendedorismo, articulação social

BLANK, Steve. e.piphany. Disponível em < >.

BLANK, Steve. Methodology of starting and managing marketing, sales and business development in high technology startups. Disponível em <!/content/detail/Entrepreneur-Steve-Blank-on-Hubris-Passion-and >. Acesso em 29 dez. 2010.

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