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Blog.Blog_NelsonFerraz_20051129114102r1.2 - 19 Apr 2019 - 23:14 - GregorioIvanoff

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Lockheed Martin Selects Linux for Missile Defense Program

Lockheed Martin Selects Concurrent's RedHawk Linux for THAAD Missile Defense Program; Concurrent's Real-Time Linux System Supports Mission-Critical Missile Defense Testing.

"We are honored to be chosen repeatedly by Lockheed Martin Space Systems," said Warren Neuburger, Concurrent COO. "Lockheed Martin is at the forefront of the aerospace and defense industry with a long history of technological excellence. We are pleased to contribute to Lockheed Martin's engineering success through its use of RedHawk Linux and other off-the-shelf components-based products such as the iHawk."

RedHawk Linux provides fast response to external events, optimized inter-process communication, and high I/O throughput needed for time-critical applications. RedHawk Linux, compatible with the popular Red Hat system, has gained acceptance as a leading real-time Linux operating system for high-performance applications by customers throughout the world. RedHawk Linux guarantees that a user application can respond to an external event in less than 30 microseconds on a dedicated processor.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, headquartered in Denver, Colo., is one of the major operating units of Lockheed Martin Corporation. Space Systems designs, develops, tests, manufactures and operates a variety of advanced technology systems for military, civil and commercial customers. Chief products include a full-range of space launch systems, including heavy-lift capability, ground systems, remote sensing and communications satellites for commercial and government customers, advanced space observatories and interplanetary spacecraft, fleet ballistic missiles and missile defense systems.

Keywords: aerospace industry

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