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How to Take Your Travel Content on a Better Trip
By Jodi Harris published June 22, 2018

How to Take Your Travel Content on a Better Trip

travel-content-on-a-better-trip 125w, travel-content-on-a-better-trip-768x423.png 768w, travel-content-on-a-better-trip-600x330.png 600w, travel-content-on-a-better-trip.png 946w" sizes="(max-width: 390px) 100vw, 390px" />Editor’s note: In case you missed this post last year, we’re bringing it back and adding some fresh content too.

I’ve heard there are people who believe that “getting there is half the fun.” But to me, everything that happens between my decision to leave my house and my lying on a beach chair with a fruity drink in my hand is just stress-inducing static and delayed gratification.

To reduce the friction I’m likely to experience when I embark on a trip, I rely on the advice and assistance that travel experts provide online. And, judging from the sheer number of content creators who operate in this space, I’m not the only one.

With so many touchpoints to engage with, so many ways to facilitate and enhance the customer’s journey, and so many pain points your business can help them overcome, content marketing in the travel and hospitality field offers tremendous opportunities to build trust, create memorable moments, and add unique value for intrepid world explorers, road-weary business travelers, and everyone in between.

Travel and tourism content is no endless summer

Of course, as a travel industry marketer, you know your job involves a lot more than just posting some inspirational picturesque snapshots and telling tales of fun in the sun. You face significant challenges when it comes to successful storytelling in this space, not to mention plenty of competition.

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Time and place matter – a lot

Grab a souvenir before you depart

In this video, you can see more of Andrew’s lively discussion on how to use content to increase the success of your travel and tourism business.

To receive the full benefit of Andrew’s expertise, you won’t want to miss his Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Lab at Content Marketing World 2018. This one’s going to fill up fast, so register now.

Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute


Jodi Harris

Jodi Harris is the Director of Editorial Content & Curation at Content Marketing Institute. As a content strategy consultant, Jodi helps businesses evaluate their content needs and resources; build infrastructure and operations; and create compelling stories to be delivered across multiple media channels and platforms. Follow Jodi on Twitter at @Joderama.

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