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Persona.SustainabilityScreeningr1.21 - 02 Jan 2019 - 13:58 - GregorioIvanoff

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"The exercise consists of a general ordering of social categories according to their environmental performance. This is the starting point for an analysis of the historical, economic and cultural foundations of ecological sustainability assigned to each social segment. The analysis shows the complexity of the interaction of multiple factors that explain the particular ecological behavior of each of the following social groups considered: a) indigenous peoples of sporadic trade, b) indigenous peoples of recurrent trade, c) indigenous peoples dependent of commodity production, d) 'traditional' smallholders, e) 'traditional' large properties, f) recent large properties, g) migrants / frontier, h) major projects, i) itinerant explorers. With this exercise, some established stereotypes are contradicted, such as those that relate low ecological sustainability with poverty or high ecological sustainability with indigenous identity" (LIMA; POZZOBON, 2005).

Keywords: identity construction in player types, existing stakeholder consultation processes, player types in games, existing stress tests, sustainability risks in agency, sustainability in stress tests, player types in business, player types in sustainability, action in technologies, claims in credibility, economic production, stakeholders identification, indigenous peoples, environmental performance, mutual resources, stakeholder consultation, research methodology, sustainable risks, screening game, WWF International

Palavras-chave: plataforma, sustentabilidade ecológica

Outcomes: rating in player types

100 Most Influential in Business Ethics Nominations. Available from < >. access on 24 September 2014.

Costanza Consolandi, Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale, Elisa Poggiani & Alessandro Vercelli (2009). Global Standards and Ethical Stock Indexes: The Case of the Dow Jones Sustainability Stoxx Index. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 87 (1):185 - 197. Available from < >. access on 9 December 2013.

IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature. Available from < >. access on 9 December 2013.

IUCN, WWF, Unep. Caring for the Earth: A Strategy for Sustainable Living. Gland, 1991.

LIMA, Deborah; POZZOBON, Jorge. Amazônia socioambiental: sustentabilidade ecológica e diversidade social. Estud. av., São Paulo , v. 19, n. 54, Aug. 2005 . Available from < >. access on 30 Nov. 2013. English: < >.

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-- GregorioIvanoff - 08 Dec 2013
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