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Ilanet.ReportInOutcomesr1.5 - 29 Dec 2019 - 17:59 - GregorioIvanoff

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Attention: Ilanet is a research site and this is the [semi-axis] area dedicated to community affairs. Any registration made here is intended to meet specific interests. Ilanet operates in a wiki environment and modifications must come from a significant number of individuals, entities, and institutions.


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[Draft] - Differences in naming across languages cause differences in cognition and/or perception. Language structure influences the world view of speakers of a given language but does not determine it. The analytic–synthetic distinction is a semantic distinction. Analytic propositions are true by virtue of their meaning, while synthetic propositions are true by how their meaning relates to the world. Statements hold in all possible conceivable worlds.

Keywords: relatively autonomous arena, assessment in governance, endeavor in science, negligence prevention, linguistic relativity, semantic range, sponsorship, transactions, disposition, outcomes, report, colors

Português: informe em resultados, relatório em resultados, relato em resultados

Updating governance / Governança que atualiza: Global Challenge / Desafio global. Remodelling Global Cooperation: Claims in practice 2017 / Remodelando a Cooperação Global: Reivindicações em prática 2017. Forming a coalition of people to develop a competition entry. / Formando uma coalizão de pessoas para desenvolver uma entrada de competição, 21 September / set. 2017. Available from / Disponível em < >. access on / Acesso em 21 September / set. 2017.

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-- GregorioIvanoff - 21 Sep 2019
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