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Ilanet.RealityCheckr1.13 - 04 Mar 2020 - 10:51 - GregorioIvanoff

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Keywords: information systems curriculum guidelines, player types in governance, late registered participant, non-governmental practice, cohesiveness in algorithm, knowledge in education, inspiration in governance, practice in governance, governance in authority, examination in production, level of governance, change of deadline, experimental verification, innovation management, production outcome, global challenge, tribal thinking, time horizon, core execution, requirements, episteme, diversity, Christophe Dejours

Português: verificação de realidade

Outcomes: Claims in practice 2018, 2017

DUMDUM, Rex; TASTLE, William J. What is our value proposition? The future of IS/IT programs and faculty: A reality check and need for realignment dialogue starter. 2006 International Association for Computer Information Systems Conference, Issues in Information Systems, September 2006. Available from < >. access on 8 October 2019.

Global challenge / Desafio global: Efficiency in Connectivity / Eficiência em conectividade. 17 - 28 July / jul. 2017. Remodelling Global Cooperation: Claims in practice 2017 / Remodelando a Cooperação Global: Reivindicações em prática 2017. Forming a coalition of people to develop a competition entry. / Formando uma coalizão de pessoas para desenvolver uma entrada de competição.

LENGNICK-HALL, C.; WOLFF, J. Similarities and contradictions in the core logic of three strategy research streams. Strategic Management Journal, 20: 1109-1132, 1999. Disponível em <;2-8 >. Acesso em 5 fev. 2009.

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