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Ilanet.PolicyInStatesr1.2 - 14 Apr 2019 - 20:18 - GregorioIvanoff

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[...] "the phenomenon of successful 'late development' ... should be understood ... as a process in which states have played a strategic role in taming domestic and international market forces and harnessing them to a national economic interest." (WHITE; WADE, 1988 In. EVANS, 1989). [...] "This tradition has also been critical of the proposition that exchange was a "natural" activity that required only the most minimal institutional underpinnings. Forty years ago Polanyi (1944/1957) reminded us that Smith's "natural propensity to truck and barter" had not sufficed to produce the rise of the market in England. Instead, Polanyi argued (1957:140) "The road to the free market was opened and kept open by an enormous increase in continuous, centrally organized and controlled interventionism." From the beginning, according to Polanyi, the life of the market has been intertwined not just with other kinds of social ties, but with the forms and policies of the state. [...]

A differentiated view of states suggests that policy should be two pronged, aimed at increasing the selectivity of tasks undertaken by the state apparatus but devoting equal attention to reforms that will help reconstruct state apparatuses themselves" (EVANS, 1989).

Uma visão diferenciada dos estados sugere que a política deve ser de duas vertentes, com o objetivo de aumentar a seletividade das tarefas realizadas pelo aparato estatal, mas dedicar igual atenção às reformas que irão ajudar a reconstruir os aparatos do próprio estado" (EVANS, 1989).

Keywords: effective state apparatus, claims in practice, creative destruction, good governance

Palavras-chave: estado em reforma

EVANS, Peter. “Predatory, Developmental and Other Apparatuses,” Sociological Forum, Dec. 1989, pp. 561-87

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-- GregorioIvanoff - 23 Feb 2017
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