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Ilanet.Outcomesr1.17 - 11 Nov 2020 - 14:38 - GregorioIvanoff

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Day 2021 Scorecard sort Practice
    Assessment in outcomes
    Resources in outcomes
    Allocation in outcomes
    Financing in outcomes
    Diversity in outcomes
    Projects in outcomes
    Report in outcomes
11 November 2020   Value in outcomes
    Risks in outcomes
    Care in outcomes
    Immediate outcomes
    Excellent outcomes
  Outcomes in assessment  
31 July 2020 Outcomes in change  
  Outcomes in value  
  Outcomes in care  

Keywords: grounded theory, introduction, anticipation, scorecard, algorithm, production, linkages, diversity, linkages, results, ethics, moral, price, Gregorio Bittar Ivanoff

Português: resultados

What is the difference between “result” [a direct causal relationship] and “outcome” [a series of events which created an overall outcome] in English? Available from < >. access on 5 April 2020.

-- GregorioIvanoff - 27 May 2018
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