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Ilanet.OpenSourcer1.6 - 09 Apr 2020 - 20:22 - GregorioIvanoff

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"Marc Andreessen, co-founder of trailblazer Netscape Communications, can spot a long-term trend. So when Opsware Inc.--another company Andreessen co-founded and chairs--introduced its Opsware System 4 software on Linux in December, some of his faithful fans doubtless took the move as a sign of things to come.

Maybe Andreessen realized that others need a more detailed endorsement. So last week, at the Open Source in Government conference, he laid out 12 reasons open source will grow in importance over the next five to 10 years. [...]

  1. "The Internet is powered by open source."
  2. "The Internet is the carrier for open source."
  3. "The Internet is also the platform through which open source is developed."
  4. "It's simply going to be more secure than proprietary software."
  5. "Open source benefits from anti-American sentiments."
  6. "Incentives around open source include the respect of one's peers."
  7. "Open source means standing on the shoulders of giants."
  8. "Servers have always been expensive and proprietary, but Linux runs on Intel."
  9. "Embedded devices are making greater use of open source."
  10. "There are an increasing number of companies developing software that aren't software companies."
  11. "Companies are increasingly supporting Linux."
  12. "It's free."

(Greenemeier, 2004)

Keywords: open-source software development

Português: código aberto

Greenemeier, Larry. 12 Reasons Andreessen Is Hot On Open Source: Marc Andreessen has a new Linux product and a passel of reasons why open source will only get bigger, 3/19/2004. Available from < >. access on 16 June 2019.

Hart, David. Faster, Better, Cheaper: Open-Source Practices May Help Improve Software Engineering. NSF PR 03-132 - December, 3 2003. Available from < >. access on 16 June 2019.

Open Source Application. Disponível em < >. Acesso em 20 mar. 2010.

Hospitality / Hospitalidade

This table shows the four areas of ilanet virtual infrastructure and its correspondence to ambient intelligence scenarios. / Esta tabela mostra as quatro áreas da infraestrutura virtual da ilanet e sua correspondência com os cenários de inteligência do ambiente.

1: Fiorella: personal ambient communicator / comunicador ambiente pessoal Efficiency / Eficiência (Express) 3: Carmen: traffic optimisation / otimização de tráfego
Personality / Individualidade (Persona)   Community / Comunidade (Ilanet)
2: Federico: connecting people and expressing identities / conectando pessoas e expressando identidades Sociability / Sociabilidade (Ágora) 4: Annette and Solomon / Salomão: social learning by connecting people and creating a community memory / aprendizagem social conectando pessoas e criando uma memória comunitária

Number of topics: 62


Number of topics: 2


Number of topics: 10


Number of topics: 1


Efficiency / Eficiência   Community / Comunidade
  Twitter Pipl
  Annual report / Balanço anual  
  Research social networks / Redes sociais de pesquisa Wikipedia
Personality / Individualidade   Sociability / Sociabilidade

-- GregorioIvanoff - 20 Mar 2010
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