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Ilanet.Katalystr1.9 - 26 May 2019 - 13:37 - GregorioIvanoff

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How to build the learning capacity of markets

"[...] Fundamentally, interventions have been concerned with introducing new ideas to markets, that, without KATALYST, either would not have developed or would not have developed with the same speed. New ideas and the innovations which flow from them are an essential part of market dynamism and sustainability; they are not a 'one-off' hit. Effective mechanisms and relationships between sources of ideas (such as researchers, consultants, academics, government departments) and commercial market players is a central part of effective functioning markets. Without sustainable linkages to sources of ideas there is a danger of markets becoming stale and unproductive. [...]"

Keywords: growing markets

India’s rice revolution. Available from < >. access on 22 February 2013.

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-- GregorioIvanoff - 26 Oct 2009
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