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Ilanet.InnovationPoliciesr1.10 - 07 Jul 2017 - 16:58 - GregorioIvanoff

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"[...] Nevertheless, there are contradictory elements: innovation policies are carried out through innovation systems, which are an amalgam of public institutions and private agencies that in the Finnish case work largely within the framework of the welfare state. The state de-regulates and re-regulates in some particular sectors such as research centres, universities, innovation clusters etc, with clear aim of creating a good environment for the creation of innovations. Therefore, the way in which innovation policies are carried out, although is based on neoliberal principles, is contradictory with some core principles of neoliberalism. In the process of neoliberalisation, though, contradictions are likely to arise since it is about extending and reproducing the power of the market rule in spaces with different background. The adaptation of the neoliberal agenda to these different historical settlements has as an outcome the contradictory nature of neoliberalism (Peck & Tickle, 2011). The Finnish and Estonian innovation systems and innovation policies are good examples of this variegated reproduction of neoliberal ideology" (ALCOVERRO, 2012).

Keywords: core outcomes in contradiction, trade liberalization policies, effective multilevel governance, effective state apparatus, governance in contradiction, level of governance, economic production, network instability, welfare state

Palavras-chave: conselhos gestores

Brazil: society linkages in Brazil, partidos políticos no Brasil

Outcomes: Finnish education

ABRAMOVAY, Ricardo. Conselhos além dos limites. Estud. av., São Paulo , v. 15, n. 43, Dec. 2001 . Available from < >. access on 12 Jan. 2015.

ALCOVERRO, Adrià. Technology, Innovation and Neoliberalism in Post-Fordism. The Contradictory Nature of Neoliberalism within the Innovation Policies of Finland and Estonia. Panel The State, Economic Institutions and Economic Growth, ECPR Graduate Student Conference 2012, Bremen. Available from < >. access on 6 January 2015.

EVANS, Peter. “Predatory, Developmental and Other Apparatuses,” Sociological Forum, Dec. 1989, pp. 561-87,5&q=%22network+instability%22+%22innovation+policies%22

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-- GregorioIvanoff - 06 Jan 2015
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