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Ilanet.GovernanceInMeaningr1.9 - 29 Jul 2019 - 14:49 - GregorioIvanoff

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Keywords: political representation in governance networks, emerging centres of control, public policy analysis, governance in organization, education in advantage, subjectivity in governance, contradictions in governance, governance in subjectivity, labor in governance, context in governance, governance in context, credibility in governance, rating in governance, meaning in governance, rules of authority, level of governance, points of governance, change of deadline, political structures, political power, governance regulation, pluricentric coordination, authoritative governance, feminist perspectives, policy making, subsidiarity governance, democratic governance, community organizations, governance dynamics, common good, good governance, meaning governance, dynamic governance, adaptive governance, governance performance, governance styles, social governance, gender balance, governance, expendables, mediatization, migrants, sustainability

Outcomes: Water Framework Directive in Netherlands, Canadian settlement sector, gender equality in Germany, British governance, Finnish education, Barcelona, 2017

Hoppe, Robert. The governance of problems: Puzzling, powering and participation. Policy Press, 2011.

Kezar, Adrianna. "What is more important to effective governance: Relationships, trust, and leadership, or structures and formal processes?." New directions for higher education 2004.127 (2004): 35-46.

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-- GregorioIvanoff - 10 May 2017
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