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Ilanet.Epistemologiar1.4 - 07 Sep 2019 - 17:07 - GregorioIvanoff

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Trechos de Enciclopédias

Estas são duas expressões que aparecem com muita frequência no texto sobre Gestão do Conhecimento (NONAKA; TAKEUCHI, 1997). Aqui vão trechos das enciclopédias Britannica, Macmillan e Oxford sobre "Epistemology" e "Ontology":

-- NelsonFerraz - 27 Oct 2003


The study of the origin, nature, and limits of human knowledge. The name is derived from the Greek words episteme ("knowledge") and logos ("reason").

The philosophical discipline that considers the nature, basis, and limits of knowledge. Ancient Greek philosophers examined the relations between knowledge, truth, and belief, and the question of whether knowledge exists independently of a knower.

It is generally assumed that the difference between a belief which makes a genuine claim to knowledge, and one which is a mere statement of opinion, is that the former can somehow be justified. Epistemology can be regarded as the investigation of what constitutes that justification, and how, or whether, it can be attained.


The theory or study of being as such; i.e., of the basic characteristics of all reality. Though the term was first coined in the 17th century, ontology is synonymous with metaphysics or "first philosophy" as defined by Aristotle in the 4th century BC. Because metaphysics came to include other studies (e.g., philosophical cosmology and psychology), ontology has become the preferred term for the study of being.

The branch of philosophy that deals with the theory of being and considers questions about what is and what is not. Ontological theories may assert that only minds exist (extreme idealism), or that only physical objects do (see materialism).

Fonte / Source: Enciclopédias Britannica, Macmillan e Oxford.

Palavras-chave: teorias, ontologia

English: epistemology

Keywords: knowledge management, NONAKA, TAKEUCHI

Resultados: gestão do conhecimento

Epistemology. Available from < Wikipedia:Epistemology >.

Ontology. Available from < Wikipedia:Ontology >.

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-- NelsonFerraz - 27 Oct 2003, -- GregorioIvanoff - 11 Jul 2011
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