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Blog.Blog_NelsonFerraz_20051126130427r1.2 - 23 Nov 2013 - 14:31 - GregorioIvanoff

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Amazon ProductWiki

" doesn't blab about it much, but it clearly gets the Web 2.0 Power of Us participatory thing. For years, it has had customer book reviews, customer-produced product lists called Listmania, product photo uploads, and something called Purchase Circles, which indicate what products are popular in various locations and companies. (...)

Now, it has wikis, those editable Web sites made most famous by the online reference source Wikipedia. ProductWikis are pages--seemingly on most every product already!--that customers can edit. Clearly, from the explanation, it's adhering to Wikipedia's Neutral Point of View ethic, leaving opinions to customer reviews."

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Ver mais em ponto de vista (aba Ágora).

-- GregorioIvanoff - 23 Nov 2013

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