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Blog.Blog_NelsonFerraz_20050924214531r1.3 - 18 Mar 2018 - 13:47 - GregorioIvanoff

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Linux replaces Windows XP in Italian schools / Linux substitui Windows XP em escolas Italianas

Some 16,000 students in the mountainous South Tyrol province of Bolzano in northern Italy will find 2,460 classroom computers upgraded from Windows XP to Linux when they return to school this month. New multi-language educational applications resulting from this project are to be released to the open source community, the project's co-director told (...)

That's not all. More than 20,000 liveCDs will be burned "with the same (Linux) software they will find at school," Russo said. "These will be given for free to students and their families" for use at home, he said.

"With the participation of all the public and private schools, this will give to all the students, families, teachers, and operators from the educational world the opportunity to use a entirely free operating system, both at school and at home," Russo said.

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Hello Gregorio,

I noticed you’ve got a link to the Desktop Linux website ( which was taken offline.

I came across the link on this page of your site -

Perhaps you could link to one of our guides as a replacement?

It’s a comprehensive guide to desktop Linux security and I think the community will find this equally useful.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance or if you have any questions.


Dear Jeff, thanks for the contribution! I made several changes to the pages related to Linux security. I published your message as I received it on the blog. I am very interested in the development of this subject considering cryptocurrencies and blockchain. I thank in advance any future contributions. I am willing to contribute as well. Greetings!

-- GregorioIvanoff - 18 Mar 2018

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Keywords: discipline in practices, school in language, cryptocurrency, blockchain

Outcomes: Linux security, security, Linux
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