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Agora.HarmfulPracticesr1.21 - 07 Dec 2020 - 12:58 - GregorioIvanoff

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Keywords: multi-community social networks, psychology of mathematics education, traditional means of communication, prevalence of bad politicians, clearly identified rights, extended social network, higher order skills, community-based process, decision-making processes, non-tangible services, non-governmental groups, policies in communication, mathematics in communication, change in evidence, action in technologies, practice in integrity, strategy in organization, practice in contradiction, society in meaning, market in mathematics, norms in action, change in communication, communication in mathematics, moral roots, market failure, curriculum offering, collective intentionality, human rights, individual rights, collective decisions, higher ratings, ratings behavior, conservative communities, government agencies, cultural evolution, social transformation, oversimplified ideas, visual quantification, logical reasoning, public declarations, social norms, law enforcement, problem solving, human behavior, traditional communicators, bail-out, bailout, autonomy, engagement, asymmetry, literacy, sense, theater, song, dance, poetry, griots, expatriates, Marshall McLuhan

Português: práticas prejudiciais

Bailout. Bail-out. An act of giving financial assistance to a failing business or economy to save it from collapse. Available from < > and < >. access on 21 May 2016.

Gresham's law. Available from < >. access on 20 May 2016.

Griots. A member of a class of traveling poets, musicians, and storytellers who maintain a tradition of oral history in parts of West Africa. Available from < >. access on 21 May 2016.

Lemon socialism. Available from < >. access on 20 May 2016.

Race to the bottom. Available from < >. access on 20 May 2016.

United Nations Population Fund. Ending Harmful Practices through Community-led Social Change in Senegal 20 April 2010. Available from < >. Português: < >. access on 27 January 2016.

Updating governance / Governança que atualiza: Global Challenge / Desafio global. Remodelling Global Cooperation: Claims in practice 2017 / Remodelando a Cooperação Global: Reivindicações em prática 2017. Forming a coalition of people to develop a competition entry. / Formando uma coalizão de pessoas para desenvolver uma entrada de competição, 21 September / set. 2017. Available from / Disponível em < >. access on / Acesso em 21 September / set. 2017.

YANAY, N., The Social Construction of Autonomy: A Motivational Model Social Behavior and Personality, Society for Personality Research (Inc.), 22(3), 209-226, 1994.

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-- GregorioIvanoff - 11 May 2016
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