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Keywords: research project scope area, rating in player types, player types in sustainability, analytic integrity standards, specialised rating agencies, credit rating agencies, finance in risks, science in risks, interest in ratings, standards in risks, change in school, endeavour in school, market in rating, financial economics, screening strategies, interest assessment, endeavor assessment, financial market, research project, linkage teachers, holistic rating, analytic rating, ratings behavior, rating integrity, human behavior, brands, administrators, Indian market

Palavras-chave: escolas em normas sociais, campo de trabalho

Brazil: ratings in Brazil

Outcomes: sustainability standards in soft drinks, padrões de sustentabilidade em refrigerantes, educating change in evidence

Endeavor. Available from < >. access on 8 March 2016.

Kish, Richard J., Karen M. Hogan, and Gerard Olson. "Does the market perceive a difference in rating agencies?." The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 39.3 (1999): 363-377. Available from < >. access on 10 March 2016.

Work. Available from < >. access on 8 March 2016.

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