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Agora.EffectiveStateApparatusr1.24 - 06 Aug 2019 - 17:52 - GregorioIvanoff

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Keywords: effective scope of existing social networks, market-induced gales of creative destruction, player types in political effectiveness, institutionalization of meritocratic recruitment patterns, surrounding social structure insulation, surrounding society demands insulation, developmental states transformative capacity, foreign policy think tanks, surrounding society demands insulation, risk in creative industries, rating in player types, pseudobureaucratic patrimonial apparatus, incoherent absolutist domination, undisciplined internal structures, state autonomy enhancement, direct economic intervention, think tanks network, effective political agency, industrial structure policy, investment bottlenecks disincentives, society embedded state, effective insulated state, society-led change, public-private ties, investment "disequilibrating" incentives, behavior in risks, policy in states, linkages in state, effectiveness of policy, affinity sharing, political shield, society linkages, school linkages, society demands, state apparatus, corporate coherence, policy coordination, political structures, societal environment, bureaucratic tradition, bureaucratic apparatus, state autonomy, career education, industrial rationalization, successful industrialization, creative destruction, predatory state, embedded autonomy, human behavior, good governance, free market, industrialization, bureaucracy, incentives

Português: aparelho de estado efetivo

Brazil: Brazil in linkages

Outcomes: scale of economic activity required for development, external ties ruled by invisible hand

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EVANS, Peter. “Predatory, Developmental and Other Apparatuses,” Sociological Forum, Dec. 1989, pp. 561-87

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YANAY, N., The Social Construction of Autonomy: A Motivational Model Social Behavior and Personality, Society for Personality Research (Inc.), 22(3), 209-226, 1994.

-- GregorioIvanoff - 24 Jan 2015
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