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Agora.Dimitriosr1.2 - 17 Jan 2017 - 15:28 - GregorioIvanoff

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Maria is a scenario that could be achieved relatively early. The technological and socioeconomic changes are relatively incremental build outs of existing approaches. The key barriers appear to be the establishment of interoperating hierarchies of agents. The lead markets for AmI here are business sector demands (which tend to be more efficiency orientated and less price-sensitive). No large changes in behaviour are assumed.

Dimitrios is also nearer term. It offers an alternative mode of use of personalised ambience. The emphasis is on play and social interaction rather than ‘efficiency’. Lead markets for AmI may emerge first amongst ‘alternative or youth cultures.’ The changes in behaviour relate mainly to the willingness to reveal (or disguise) personality on-line. Price could be a barrier to a break through to a mass market.

Carmen is further out on the time horizon than the two ‘individual’ scenarios not so much due to technological barriers as because it implies major infrastructural developments (i.e. highly developed networks of inter-operating sensor systems and dynamic database management systems). It describes an ambient landscape in which the joint flows of bits and atoms are optimised to create a more sustainable urban system. It also makes significant assumptions about changes in public behaviour such as accepting ride shares and traffic management systems.

Annette and Solomon’s scenario is probably the furthest out in terms of time as it has high demands both from a technological and socio-economic viewpoint. It implies significant technical developments such as high ‘emotional bandwidth’ for shared presence and visualisation technologies, or breakthroughs in computer supported pedagogic techniques. In addition, the scenario presents a challenging social vision of AmI in the service of fostering community life through shared interests.

Keywords: commons in price, claims in practice, ambient intelligence, scenarios

Palavras-chave: soluções criativas

Outcomes: digital me

ISTAG. Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence in 2010. EC - Community Research - IST 2001. Available from < >.

-- GregorioIvanoff - 10 Jan 2017
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