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Agora.BrazilInCommonsr1.4 - 07 Jul 2016 - 16:54 - GregorioIvanoff

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Keywords: mathematical systems, mathematics commons, game theory, mathematics, South Korea

Brazil: business education in Brazil, Brazil in business education, systems in Brazil

Carraher, Terezinha Nunes, David William Carraher, and Analucia Dias Schliemann. "Mathematics in the streets and in schools." British journal of developmental psychology 3.1 (1985): 21-29.

Lave, Jean. Cognition in practice: Mind, mathematics and culture in everyday life. Cambridge University Press, 1988.

Saxe, Geoffrey B. "Candy selling and math learning." Educational Researcher 17.6 (1988): 14-21.

Viotti, Eduardo B. "National learning systems: a new approach on technological change in late industrializing economies and evidences from the cases of Brazil and South Korea." Technological Forecasting and Social Change 69.7 (2002): 653-680.

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-- GregorioIvanoff - 06 Jun 2016
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