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Searched: Object *Of *Activity[^A-Za-z]
Results from Agora web
Ágora Keywords: practice-order bundle, object of activity, object, distributed agency Palavras-chave: tecnologias em estruturação ...
Ágora Why giving up your phone number can mean giving up your privacy Gregorio B Ivanoff (@GregBittar) 18 de janeiro de 2017 Keywords: object ...
"In part strategy development can be interpreted as a struggle for alignment around superordinate superior order or category within a system of classification objects ...
Ágora Keywords: conflict in moral values, consequence scenarios, practice-order bundle, in action, norms in action, in technologies, object of activity, distributed ...

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ILAnet in governance: governance Keywords: personal system, virtual channel, effective multilevel governance, economy of channels, object of activity, of governance ...
ILAnet Keywords: collective reconfiguration of practice-order bundles, collective reconceptualisation of object of activity, epistemic leadership roles of experts ...
ILAnet We don’t expect citizens to be aeronautical engineers, to ensure they understand all risks of flying, then sign a form giving away their right to sue if the ...

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Keywords: of activity, modeling algorithms, software ecosystems, access channels Português: de atividade Outcomes: social approaches to software safety and security ...
Palavras-chave: de atividade English: of activity Ivanoff, Gregorio Bittar; De Oliveira, Marcos Raul. Abordagens sociais em segurança de software. Grupo de Estudos ...

Number of topics: 2
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